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You can create your desktop widget from your website content, web widget or mobile website. Just click Create Now! and follow 3 easy steps.

Distribute to your users

Using Desktopify Dashboard you can distribute your widget to many widget galleries and download archives. Submit your widget and get thousands of installations.

Make money

Sign up for our monetization program and get paid for widget installations and ad performance.
New Marketing channel
Establish new channel of communicating with your audience right on their desktops.
Your content delivered in real time
Let your users access your content from desktop without opening web browser.
Constant presence on the desktop
Stick your audience to your services. Your brand and your services are always on the desktop.
New revenue stream
Monetize your widget to generate additional income.

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Why choose Desktopify

Desktopify helps us to keep users always using our website even if they don't use browser right now.
Kevin Charles, CTO

I use Desktopify to earn money. It's really easy to create and promote widgets and get paid for that.
Mike Yates, Entrepreneur

"It is an almost foolproof way of ensuring that your content and information will be reachable at all times." "Desktopify can be especially useful for webmasters since you can send alerts for users who have installed your widget on their desktops." "Desktopify adds an easy way for businesses to get their already existing widgets onto your desktop with minimal work and no coding or lengthy submission process."
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